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alice wears:
button shoulder top | banana republic
bracelet | custom by anhlien
black & white print skirt | f21 c/o ttang
bow front pumps | bebe
black over-sized clutch | banana republic
white strap watch | hello kitty via eva air

I started a new job this week (eeps!), and prior to starting, I was asked to do some ‘light reading’ in the form of two very large law treatises. Since Monday, the books have continued to pile on my desk. It’s either an attempt to haze me or a very very very scary attempt for the other attorneys to ‘catch me up’ on the law. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bookworm, but somewhere between title insurance and tax law stacks of books, I’m still hoping I might find the Archie comics or a really seedy romance. Is it too late to change careers yet again?