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Dear Bachelor fans,

Want to know what we thought of this week’s episode?  Hear us rant!

      • Sean – how are you so perfect?
      • Number of times Sean took off his shirt: 1 (whomp whomp)
      • Chris Harrison – WTF are you wearing?? exhibit a:
      • Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 8.19.02 PM
      • Kacie B – oh Kacie! have you not seen any of the last 487 episodes of the Bachelor?! NEVER bring up the drama in the house during your one on one. NEVER!! or else he’ll call you a ‘crazy person’ which never bodes well for you.
      • Sean cried – therefore I cried. AshLee, you got us good!
      • omgggg LEO is the cutest thing EVER!!! scratch that. LEO in a limo is the cutest thing EVER!!!
      • ladies – i can’t stress how important it is to watch your eyebrows.  the higher the arch, the crazier you look.  Tierra girl, you look cray cray.
      • My first impression of Desiree was that she was super cute and seemed incredibly nice/chipper, but she’s starting to slowly annoy me.  kinda like a super happy katie holmes.
      • This week’s cut: Kacie B (sadness), Taryn (who?), Kristy (see! the model doesn’t always win!)
      • Next week’s prediction: Tierra & Amanda