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Let’s not waste any time and just get right into this:

        • Number of times Sean took off his shirt: 0
        • ZERO TIMES? did we miss something?! especially considering he was about to go into a hot tub at one point?! disappointment.
        • Ashlee – you made Sean (and therefore us) cry last week. And this week, you gave Sarah a heart-to-heart pep talk. Am I starting to become TeamAshlee?
        • Tierra, oh you master deceiver. Your day will come, my dear. just you wait.
        • Sean took Leslie on a shopping date (HELLLLOOO – dream date!!) @ badgley mischka on rodeo drive. out of all the gorgeous dresses, she chose some questionable ones. if i were sean, the date would have ended right there. but then again, his outfit was a little strange too. what’s up with the bachelor guys & their vests:


  • Just take off the vest Sean. In fact, just take everything off.
  • Unfortunately for Leslie, there weren’t any sparks and gets sent home during the date. cue the shot of the rose dropping to the ground from the 2nd floor.
  • Robin’s ‘do you want chocolate’ kissing scheme was really weird…but she lives another week. This brings us to…
  • This week’s cut: Amanda (thank god. CREEP) & Leslie (at least i got one right)
  • Next week: TWO episodes next week?!?! ooooh snapppp! It’ll give Sean 2 chances to step up his game with the dates. We’re on week 4, and he still wants to ‘see how people react’ to the dates? (e.g. Punk’d, Guinness World of Records, Joshua Tree, Derby?). Honestly, I’m over it. How else are we to convince men in our lives that the glamourous dates are how things are supposed to be done? More of the private jets & shopping sprees please.