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our thoughts exactly:


on our way to the super bowl party!


corn bread + tequila. check!3B6A7634 3B6A7637 3B6A76433B6A7650

pleats were made for twirling3B6A7661 3B6A7670 3B6A7671 3B6A7684 3B6A7687

i clearly came for the food…3B6A7692

gina wears:
dress | express (for $25 btw!)
heels | sole society
cardigan | victoria’s secret
necklace | h&m
bracelet| stella & dot
watch | dkny

football this, football that.  i’m was just looking forward to the ribs, potato salad, and beyonce. i couldn’t tell you who was playing or what color their uniforms were – but i can tell you that  adding a little crushed jalapeño to your corn bread mix is a must (that was my contribution to the super bowl party).


Thanks to Chris for hosting! 😀 i promise it’ll be my turn to host once i get a place that can accommodate more than 4 people in the living room and/or purchase an actual dining table 😛

Go Wildcats!! no? was i close?