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ABC – i don’t know what’s behind your reasoning, but 2 episodes in 2 days – you must be telling me to sleep less.

Monday’s Recap:

    • Number of times Sean took off his shirt: 0 (really now?)
    • ladies! pack your bags….because we’re going, and i quote, “a world wide journey to find love”. First stop……MONTANA!!! say whhhhaatttt??? cue the disappointed faces.
    • i got my first inkling of a front runner!! Catherine! & i swear she’s part Asian – i’m 1% sure of it! 😛
    • do we really need to discuss the group date? Milking and drinking goat’s milk? Awesome… NOT.
    • The first 2-on-1 date is between Jackie and Tierra. Guess who survives?! Do we believe her sob story? Sigh, Sean, you are damn good lookin’ – but JEEBUS!! stop picking Tierra the Terrible!!
    • First cuts: Jackie (very little screen time) and Robyn (kinda saw that coming… girls gotta stop bringing up the drama!)

Tuesday’s Recap:

  • Number of times Sean took off his shirt: 1
  • Catherine gets the first one on one date…on a glacier. Which means Sean’s face = a hot red tomato HAHA! exhibit A:
  • wenn20107961-227803897225478110
  • Her date continues into an ICE CASTLE where she proceeds to tell a tragic story, as required per one-on-one date. Though admittedly, that was a pretty sad one (and traumatizing.. for her).
  • The group date challenge involves jumping into barely above freezing waters in your bikini. Would i do that for love? oh HEEELLLLZ no! i’m sitting in my heated room with a fuzzy robe on while i’m typing this.
  • Selma, sits out by explaining that this is not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. very true, she could come back to jump into glacier waters any other time in her life, but doing so with a shirtless Sean? That was your one chance…
  • And there he runs.. (via USATODAY)
  • seanswim5-4_3_r536_c534
  • And was anyone really that surprised that Tierra was the one who ‘got hypothermia”?
  • Next Date: Banff Mountain Climbing (he’s really trying to make a burly woman out of Dez, no? Goats milking and Mountain climbing?)
  • Number of times Dez said “this is steep” while climbing down a mountain: 435.
  • Then they climb into a tent while Dez proceeds to bear her tragic story of growing up in a tent. Awkswards.
  • This week’s cut: Sarah (did any one else cry when she was cut?), Daniella (in her words ‘shocking’…really girl?), and Selma (after she broke her moral code and kissed Sean on national TV, oh the shame.).

Total number of times Sean took his shirt off: 1 (dismal for a 2-episode week)

Next week: St. Croix. And more of the Tierra Show…

On another note, gina’s sister is named as one of the Top 52 finalists
for this year’s MLB Fan Cave -and for those of you who (like me) think that MLB stands for ‘Must Love Bachelor,’ it’s a baseball term. The winner gets the dream job of watching baseball games, interviewing athletes and celebrities, and hosting concerts. If she wins, she promised to take us to a baseball game where we can eat hot dogs & nachos in heels!! so help us vote for her 🙂

Watch Mina’s audition video here & vote!

voting is ALMOST better than getting a rose from Sean himself 🙂  GO MINA GO!!