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Hmm folding laundry is tricky…  IMG_7450

This doesn’t look quite, right…maybe I need to learn how to fold like a ninja

christine wears:
dress | ann taylor loft
heels | boutique 9
denim jacket | abercrombie & fitch
neckace | vintage/borrowed from sis-in-law!
rings | f21 and madewell

Last week, I finally caught the flu.  And it got me bad.  Like “let’s-throw-strep-throat-on-top-of-it-because-flu-is-not-quite-miserable-enough” kinda bad.  What could be worse than feverish sweats for 3 days straight?  The piles of contagion left behind…yes I am talking about a week’s worth of pajama pants, oversized t-shirts, and hooded sweatshirts.  (What did you think I was talking about?  You are gross.)  Unlucky for you, I couldn’t stand long enough to take pictures of my borderlinefabulous sweated creations.  Definitely regret not getting that flu shot, but now it’s too late.  I’ve probably been exposed to every known flu virus/bacteria with my illness, which probably means I’m pretty much invincible now.