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alice wears:
sweater | h&m
skirt | j. crew (city mini)
booties | nine west (similar)
glasses | (old) b.u.m. via costco (new) lucky via costco
necklace | f21

Since when did wearing glasses become cool again? So you’re telling me I suffered through how many years of being called ‘four-eyes’ in elementary/middle school only to find that it’s actually cool to wear glasses? (but only if they’re fake, right?). Still, I try not to wear my glasses in public much (nerd alert), but when you’ve worn your last set of Dailies for 4 weeks straight – you. get. desperate. Add on the allergies caused by SoCal’s bi-polar weather and I was practically screaming at Costco to make me an appointment with my optometrist. Luckily, I love my optometrist (is that a thing?) If only your dentist could be this fun…


In addition to new contacts, I picked up new glasses which I think make me look nerdy, but cool. Because that’s what’s cool, I think. Unless it’s only ironically cool, in which case, I probably just look nerdy…