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It’s time to meet the families!
don’t get too excited, tierra. you’re not invited! why don’t you cry about it on @tierraseyebrow?

  • First home-town date: TEXAS! YEEHAW, our homestate (G&A). Too bad it’s Houston. (whomp whomp). It’s like dallas, except boring, lame, and 110% more humidity.
  • Her dad is a pastor, his dad is a reverend. That’s gotta be a match made in heaven right (hehe)?
  • Ashlee’s dad tells the story of his ‘first date’ aka adoption with Ashlee. This pretty made every woman (and their boyfriends forced to watch) in America cry.
  • Next we move to Seattle for catherine’s date. i mean…their chemistry (ugh i hate that word) is undeniable! I mean, how else would you be able to do insanely romantic things like putting pennies into a pig, catching slimy fish, hoky poky dancing, and graffitting the gum-wall with more gum, if not with lots of ‘chemistry’?
  • And how cute was Catherine’s grandma? She gon’ steal Sean! Watch out!
  • THEN he meets her sisters. DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN. without catherine in the room, they called her messy, extremely mood , and fickle. they might as well have just straight up called her a dirty bi-polar cray at that point. thanks, sis. thanks alot. and then their date ends with a whimper.
  • Linday’s date: yawwwwnnnn. nothing else to report.
  • In fact, Lindsay’s date was so boring, I decided to research some outfits, since…we’re supposed to talk about fashion, or something. AshLee’s buffalo plaid shirt (similar). Catherine’s blue sweater (similar). Des’ olive shirt (with cutout). I don’t know what Lindsay was wearing on her date, since it was so boring. Des’ sequin dress (similarsimilar and similar). Catherine’s plunge dress (similar). Lindsay’s sheer panel dress (similar and similar). I actually have no idea what AshLee was wearing either. Deal with it.
  • your turn, desiree – bring on the drama! her ex(?)boyfriend shows up and proclaims his love for her in front of sean. is this FORREEAALLZZ?! the answer to that is no. he got punk’d! payback’s a biotch.
  • Then, des’s brother joins the conversation and decides to royally screw everything up for her. he really has an affinity for the word ‘reciprocation’ and continues to call sean a ‘playboy’. awesome.
  • during the rose ceremony, sean dramatically struggles to send home either catherine or des. In fact, he stops the rose ceremony, leaves the 2 girls hanging, and goes to the back room to ponder for what feels like an eternity (but really is just conveniently long enough for a commercial break). The torture!! In the end, despite her last plea for love, Sean decides that des has gots to go. go team catherine!
  • Times Sean took off his shirt: 1. (I was afraid the whole episode was going to go by without a glimpse. It was short, but I’ll accept it, for now.)20130219-000240.jpg

The remaining three: Catherine, Ashleey, and Lindsay. Next week – they’re off to THAI FREAKING LAND!!! ahhhhhhh!