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gina wears:
dress | h&m (and for $15!)
heels | zara
shades | foreign exchange

Not sure about the rest of the country, but here in southern cal, gas has jumped about 40 cents in the last couple of weeks (hence the look of horror)! it now costs me about $60 to fill up every single time – the cost of a decent pair of shoes!!! let’s do some math shall we?

($60 per fill x 2.5 fills per month) x 12 months = $1,800 a year!!! that’s 30 pairs of $60 shoes or 18 pairs of $100 shoes or 1 pair (actually 1/2 a pair) of blingy louboutins!!! dang you, gas. dang you. wait- that’s a lot of gas for one pair of shoes. i hate it when math backfires! dang you, louboutin. dang you!