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Off to the land of unlimited pad thai, spring rolls, and thai tea. Ummm…sign me up!

Starting off: The exotic land of Thailand means one main thing: SHIRTLESS SEAN (x2). High-five ABC, it was expected and delivered.

    • Lindsay’s 1:1 is up first.  they stroll through the local market, eat some bugs, check out the color chicks (literally) and make their way onto the beach. Overall, YAWN. Honestly.
    • 20130225-220629.jpg
    • And did anyone else have an hard time watching Lindsay try to say “I Love You”? I wanted to shoot myself. It took a Thai version of the “It’s a Small World” ride, 3.25 commercial breaks, Thai dancing, 30 minutes, and 553 awkward silences between Sean and Lindsay before she uttered it. Honey, next time take 3 shots of tequila and I guarantee you’ll be saying I Love You all over the place. (Oh, you guys don’t do that? …)
    • Lindsay’s outfits: mint green dress (similarpleated), wedges (similar), & white bustier dress (similar only $20!, floralstuddedobsessedsplurge)
    • AshLee’s 1:1 starts off with an activity to make AshLee ‘lose control’ and trust Sean. Again. Zzz. Apparently the cave is supposed to symbolize the uncertainty of a relationship and the trust needed to make it work.  yeah – i almost made myself vomit.
    • Ashlee’s outfits: crochet top (simpler, but loving this), espadrilles (similarsavesplurge), snakeskin bathing suit (savesplurge), and date night dress and bracelet.
    • Catherine’s 1:1 was mostly of them making out. then making out in the water. then making out in the rain. hawt.
    • Catherine’s outfits: off shoulder dress (solidsimilarsplurge). Was really not digging Catherine’s green/blue tie-dye dress, so we didn’t find a link for you – because you shouldn’t be wearing it. You’ll thank us later.

This brings us to the end. Man, i don’t know.  it’s down to the final 3, but i’m not feeling any of these girls.  where’s emily at? bring back emily!


After a heart to heart with chris harrison, sean reveals that he’s in love!  it then becomes obvious that he’s sending AshLee home – but after he watches her cry her eyes out in her video message to him, maybe he’ll change his mind.

it was a good strategy, but he did what was expected and cut AshLee.  Given her track record, you’d expect her to sob uncontrollably, but instead, she went with the death stare….and when i say death stare, i mean “i’m casting an evil spell on you and your first born.”

20130225-220622.jpg 20130225-220616.jpg


Overall for them being in exotic Thailand, their outfits were super boring and it was a lame-o episode. That really only means one thing: next time i need more wine. On the other hand, the boredom means more outfit searches:
Rose Ceremony: Catherine’s (similar, similar, similar, similar), Ashlee’s (similar, similar), Lindsey’s (similar, in black)

NEXT WEEK: the women tell all (always a fan favorite)

IN TWO WEEKS: the 3 hour finale. 3 HOURS?! come on, ABC – some of us have real day jobs that we gotta rest up for.  i have more important things to do! but fine – i’ll watch 😛