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Oh, don’t lie. You’re not sick of our Austin posts…yet. Yea we didn’t think so. You want glam photos of our night out in Austin (duh)!!! Well you’re not gettin’ it. We were not about to take a DSLR into the streets of dirty sixth (we ain’t cray). Instead, here’s an INSTA-recap of our Night 2 in Austin.

After a long full day of eating (<– go ahead, click and refresh your memory. you know you want to!), we went home to freshen up (i.e. take a 2 hour nap). In fact, we freshened up for so long, we had to push back our reservations at Salty Sow, no joke. STILL, we weren’t fully digested from Salt Lick & Lick (Tequila shot anyone?), yet we attempted to eat:
…we almost didn’t make it out of the restaurant with our dignity (read: pants buttoned) intact…

…but somehow we still made it to Handlebar, where we proceeded to spend the best 50¢ ever on mustache stickers…

…and then we rode a see-saw, because, well, it was a see-saw…

…to be followed by Barbarella for “Indy Night” to dance the night away where we also shazamed a buttload of ‘indy’ songs we never heard of in order to play for our friends in California so that they think we are super cool… (oh wait, you already heard of these?… whomp whomp…)

…before getting some Best Wurst (wasn’t really hungry, but i mean, if it’s the best…)

…and of course a night in Austin would not have be complete without the following sightings:

  • five police on horses riding down dirty
  • girl crying on a stoop
  • ^ make that 3 girls crying on different stoops
  • full frontal of a guy peeing on dirty south
  • minivan pulling up to take pics of mr. pee pee (or more importantly – his full frontal…ifyaknowwhatimean)
  • a guy getting arrested
  • girls in a pedicab
  • girls in said pedicab taking photos of said guy getting arrested
  • barefoot girl
  • barefoot girl’s ass showin’
  • barefoot girl’s ass bout to beat down some guy who possibly cheated on her or was talkin’ to some otha hoochie

…and thus concluding our amazing two-day-photo-overload-blog-posts-of-Austin series. Or is it the last post? (but really, it is).


alice wears: f21 tiered dress | shoemint ‘audrey’ flats (splurge) | Lark & Wolfe Chambray | j. crew necklace
gina wears: zara blazer | rails top | express skort | alexander wang bag | f21 polka dotted tights

Thanks for a good time Austin. See ya’ll again real soon.