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alice wears:
skirt | f21 (similar)
flats | shoemint (the splurge versions)
top | old navy
sunnies | foreign exchange
bread | sara lee

It feels like 95% of all people hate birds. They’re scary with their beaks, claws, eyes. I hate them too!! Except, I don’t. I’m not ashamed (that much). So, I like birds. My favourite animal is a flamingo; i have a drawer full of owl jewelry; i love anything peacock; i think birdcages are necessities as home deco; and i’m pretty sure the ugly duckling and i are kindred spirits (we just get each other).

Gina & Christine convinced me, the weekend before last, that the weather was so great “we should feed the ducks”! Yea??? Yea!!!! Well, of course, turns out Gina and Christine are deathly afraid of birds, so really, they wanted me to feed the ducks. Or what we thought were ducks. Instead, these animals were small black blue-non-webbing-clawed red-beady-eyed crazies, clawing their way to food (they: rats, me: Peter Piper).  As you can see, I strongly suggested for them not to come closer which worked out real well. And therefore, no joke, within 45 seconds I was screaming bloody murder and haulin’ ass to the parking lot. End of photos, shit just got real.