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only 3 hours left of Bachelor Sean. SOMEONE STOP TIME!

we start the marathon of an episode by meeeting sean’s family. talk about a cookie-cutter-perfect family. sheesh! sean’s dad is the cutest/sweetest thing ever and made us tear up…TWICE. as per usual, the fam doesn’t help him make a decision and loved both girls equally. let me tell ya, if it were MY family, they’d have a million things to say and complain about. is he a doctor? what was his GPA? does he have a roth IRA? what do his parents do? blah blah blah…
Meeting the parents oufits:
Catherine’s Striped Dress: Similer, Similar and Similar.
Lindsay’s Navy Blue Dress: Similar and Similar

…then the FINAL TWO DATES:
Lindsay’s up first: they go floating on a raft and talk about how gorgeous the scenery is. 20110304182900_Lesson from Thailand
no offense to the mekong river, but you’re a little discolored. but i guess when you’re in love, everything looks like rainbows & butterflies. Lindsay’s voice-over talks about how goofy they are (ie. they point in opposite directions and make fake binoculars) and about how serious they can also be (ie. they make out). Is it just me…or… NO, that doesn’t really show how perfect she is for him.
Lindsay’s date night red dress: similar here and here

Catherine’s date started off all fun and dandy, but what the hell was she wearing?! a blue sheered polka dot shirt a white tank under? girl, you couldn’t mix it up with a cute bralette or bathing suit? then, things got serious real fast. she (finally) tells Sean that she loves him. and he responds with a ‘thank you for today’. OH SNAP. i KNOW he can’t say ‘i love you’ back, but danngggg that was just cold. sean, when you don’t know what to say, just start kissing! haven’t you learned ANYTHING?!
Catherine’s date night black lace dress: similar here or splurge a little here

We see Sean getting ready, and THERE it is. The sneak peak of his abs. ABC couldn’t end the show without shirtless Sean could they? Phew. Well done, ABC, well done.

now comes the good part. Catherine vs. Lindsay. who’s it going to be? more importantly, who wore it best? my vote goes to neither. they could have done A LOT better with the outfits. not only were the dresses unflattering, they could have easily been mistaken for escort attire. talk about major disappointment. And what was up with Catherine’s lashes? Spider lashes are NOT IN.


we all know that the first girl that comes out of the limo is the one to get axed. so who’s it going to be? zoom into the purple glittered pumps…it’s Lindsay. she has no idea what’s coming to her for the first 30 seconds during his speech (also attributed to the fact that Sean’s breathing was so loud it was hard to concentrate one what he was saying – anyone else hear that?). and then comes the “…but.” AWKWARD. though, i won’t lie, i gave a little hallelujah when she took off her heels. can’t make a statement by walking out stumbling in 6 inch stilettos, you know?

SPOILER ALERT: Sean proposes to Catherine. (insert Neil Lane plug). Then she says “omgosh” & “you’re so handsome” about a hundred times, and says “YES!” – not in that particular order. At least he finally said “i love you so much” to make up for his huge snub from the night before…and then they ride off into the sunset on an elephant – obviously.

Onto the last hour of this dang show…where nothing eventful or blog worthy occurred. As they review the engagement footage, I think Catherine realizes how terrible her mascara job was, so at least it was a learning lesson. Also, they confirmed they’re going to get married on tv – if they make it that far (THANK YOU ABC – just make sure he’s shirtless at least once, okay?). and they announced the next bachelorette: Desiree. UGH.

**Disclaimer**: Borderlinefab will not be covering Desiree’s season. we refuse. UGH….(you know, unless the men are outrageously attractive. I’m sure we could work something out in that case)…

but to end on a high note, here are the dresses from the finale:
Lindsay’s white lace dress here, but similar/more affordable here
Catherine’s navy lace dress here, but similar/more affordable here

that’s all folks! hope you guys enjoyed our rants & nonsense 🙂 What show should we going to cover next!? I’d say Chicago Fire, but it’d just be photos of hot TV firemen. But, would you guys really complain?