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christine wears:
romper dress | f21
vest | kai-aakmann (similar biker version here)
rings | madewell and f21
necklaces | london manori and madewell (lovin’ this version of my chevron necklace here)
bracelet | london manori and madewell
socks | REI
super cool skates | rollerblade

Yes, I actually own rollerblades. I was a teenager in the 90s, whaddaya expect? (These bad boys also haven’t emerged my closet since the 90s…). I’m also really terrible at rollerblading (thankfully this path was lined with grass for easy stopping/falling, which lucky for you, was captured above). The thing I don’t get is why haven’t rollerblades made a comeback? Rollerskates are “retro” and “cool” (they even made a movie about it – don’t tell me you haven’t seen ROLL BOUNCE, Nick Cannon’s finest) but rollerblades? They seem to be frozen in time, stuck in my childhood, like my stirrup pants (these definitely need to make a comeback), and the butt of endless jokes. What’s not to love – shoes with built in transportation??? Where I can glide gracefully (by gracefully I mean like a wobbly baby deer) to and fro? That’s IT, I’m starting a movement – let’s bring back rollerblades! Who’s with me? Anyone? Hello…?