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gina wears:
jumpsuit | zara
heels | zara
cardigan | uo

A lot of bloggers write about what’s in their bag, but here at borderline fab, we do things a little differently.  today’s segment is called “what’s in my trash”.  you may be thinking to yourself “WTF -WHYY?” well, because your trash can reveal more about you than you think.  And also because this is our blog and we can do whatever we want 🙂  let’s dive in shall we?

What’s in Gina’s Trash?

  • chewed gum. lots and lots of chewed gum.
  • chip bags – lately the sweet potato tortilla chips by Food Should Taste Good
  • baby wipes – used to clean the doggies’ feet (p.s. i’m a germaphobe)
  • girl scout cookie boxes – caramel delights all the wayyy!
  • fresh veggies that have gone bad – despite my good intentions to eat healthy & cook, it rarely (ahem…never) happens
  • swiffer wipes – i have 2 dogs that shed a 3rd dog every single day
  • cotton balls – for the constant nail polish removal
  • clothes tags – DUH
  • to-go bags – because i shamelessly eat out all the time

i think that’s enough sharing for the day.  what does your trash say about you?