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Do you ever feel like Austin Powers when you are trying to park your car? Well don’t fret, today we go where no Asian mothers have gone before…parallel parking.

Step 1: Scope out a parking spot (preferably one that fits your car), line up next to front car, and prepare to reverse.3B6A7464

Step 2: Check mirrors while reversing into spot. Stick head outside window, if necessary. Way out.3B6A7491

Step 3: If you are unsure how much space you have in front because you don’t want to hit the car in front of you, exit car and determine how much clearance you have.3B6A7507


Step 4: Reverse slowly into spot and turn your steering wheel all the way towards the direction of curb. If you hit the curb, you have gone to far. Once your front end is clear, turn your steering wheel towards the opposite direction away from the curb and slide into the spot.3B6A7522

Step 5: If you are unsure how much room you have while backing into the spot, exit car again to measure distance. Use hand measurements to gauge the most accurate distance.3B6A7535

Step 5: Check mirrors again to make sure you are close enough to the curb. About 12 inches or less.3B6A7551

Step 6: If still unsure of how much room you have left in the back, find a friend or stranger to guide you. Preferably a borderline fab-ulous one. 3B6A7544

Step 7: Straighten out your wheels if necessary (unless you are on a hill). One final mirror check and put the car in park.3B6A7556

Step 8: Most importantly, jump for joy at a damn fine parking job. 3B6A7564

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m not the BEST driver (I’m Asian, what). And up until recently, not so great at parallel parking either. If you live in the land of strip malls aplenty, aka: suburbia, there’s simply no need to street park, EVER. I just park my little car in plenty of roomy parking spaces fit for a school bus. Thankfully, I got a lot of practice living in San Francisco for 8 months, the street parking capital from hell. Now that I’m back in the OC, I parallel park for FUN. Itty bitty tight spaces? I scoff at you. And if you stumbled across our page because you wanted to know how to parallel park perfectly, you’ve come to the right place. But apparently some agency called the DMV seems to self-proclaim authority on this subject also has something to say about parallel parking. Who are these people and what are they wearing? Clearly their credibility is questionable.