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It’s mah birthday.

Ever since my super sweet 22nd birthday many moons ago (yes; that was the name of my party. and yes; it was intended to rival those pesky 16 year olds), my birthdays seem to get lamer and lamer.  but don’t cry for me, argentina.  it’s usually filled with the people and things that matter to me most: family, husband, bffs, amazing food…and flowers…and chocolate. and more chocolate.  this year was no exception.  dear 28, you’re still young.  i repeat, you’re still young(ish).

tulips, my fav ❤photo-2

you know you’re old when you get excited to get a roomba. FINALLY!!! IMG_4631photo-5 IMG_4630

did i say good food?


sequins + seat belts = NOT fabphoto

what happens when you have a candy craving after a late dinner? after party at CVS!!


my husband is amazing ❤photo-4

gina wears:
dress | asos
heels | zara
purse | michael kors similar here