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christine wears:

skirt | f21
top | h&m
heels | aldo
earrings | f21
friendship bracelets | madewell
purse | vintage dooney bourke
melons | watermelons (not my melons)

Do you ever quote Thor when you feel the need to go to the grocery store?  “This mortal form has grown weak.  I need sustenance!”  No?  Okay maybe it’s just me and I like to imagine Chris Hemsworth shirtless at the grocery store…umm yeah anyway, if you have never been to a Korean supermarket, you are seriously missing out.  First of all, you’ve been paying too much for all of your fruits and vegetables and the produce and seafood you’ve been buying is second rate, at best (sorry Ralphs).  Not only that, you can also get free food samples like organic ramen, check out the latest rice cooker, stock up on soju, and pick up lunch made fresh to order (today we are having kimbap).  Are you still reading this??  Why are you not grabbing your car keys and running to the nearest Korean market now?  I said FREE ramen samples!  GO!