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gina wears:
leopard maxi skirt | f21
lace top | foreign exchange
gold watch | dkny
necklace | nordstrom

don’t you love signing up for things thinking it’s a brilliant idea at the time – and then when the time comes to actually do it, you’re like WHY THE EFF DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?  i’ve been down that road many times before: purchasing groupons for all you can eat churrascaria, volunteering to dog sit your friend’s monster of a pet, buying/attempting P90x,  scheduling a 7:30am dentist appointment, and now…signing up for a bake sale.  granted i didn’t bake from scratch, but it was still exhausting & time consuming nonetheless.  3 dozen cupcakes and 2 carrot cakes later, i vowed that i would never ever bake in mass quantities again.  neverrrr!! although my house smelled pretty amazing…