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I got dangerously close to the wire in trying to submit taxes on time this year. I tried to start weeks ago, but it’s so easy to put off when you can’t find your W-2 (for days…). Apparently I had hidden them away in January trying to put off thinking about it. Not smart. Of course, spending  hours  trying to figure out the difference in the 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1089, 1057 (is that a form?) doesn’t help either. At one point last week, between attempting to figure out the forms and the urges to nap during tax filing, I contemplated hiring my own accountant. Then I figured my tax return probably is less than how much it would cost me for one. Definitely not worth it. Thank goodness for Turbo Tax. Sigh. Wait, that’s what i owe?? Excuse me, I will be in the corner of my room sobbing for the rest of the day…