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Yoga can be tricky with lots of weird sounding technical names for poses. Let’s begin.IMG_9672

this is called “how-I-would-catch-my-fall-if-I-had-barbie-legs”.IMG_9695

this is called “can-I-keep-my-face-out-of-dog-poop?”IMG_9698

this is called “my-life-is-over-I-face-planted-in-dog-poop”.IMG_9710

this is called “baby seal” with a “someone’s-feet-really-smell” expression…IMG_9712

this is called “riding-a-surfboard”.IMG_9716

this is called “I-wonder-if-my-armpits-smell”.IMG_9724

this is called “I scored a perfect 10 in gymnastics dismount”.IMG_9738

christine wears:

dress | target (available in 3 different prints!)
necklace | f21 (triangle and green versions)
open toe booties | aldo (silver splurge or slouchy steal)

I’ve sort of become a hot yoga addict.  Not really by choice, but because membership to my yoga studio is highway robbery so I try to go as much as possible (plus I saw Ryan Gosling in my yoga class once so FO SHO I’m going to yoga every single day for the rest of my life until I die or he asks to marry me, whichever comes first).  I’m not sure if I’m actually losing any weight from yoga, but I definitely feel stronger.  I’ve at least stopped faceplanting (almost) every time I try to do yogi push-ups (chaturanga dandasana, for those fluent yogi-speak out there).  Even if I can never do a one armed handstand with my pinky finger someday, I still love it because hot yoga makes me feel awesome afterwards.  Not only do I sweat like a pig (so I can eat a pig for dinner later), I also feel reenergized.  Bring IT, world.  And if that didn’t motivate you, how about the prospect of Ryan Gosling saying, “hey girl, you look good with your yoga pants on.”  Sigh, nothing motivates like Ryan.