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alice wears:
grey waffle knit sweater | f21 (similar & navy)
jeweled statement necklace | banana republic
sexy compression bandage wrap | c/o urgent care
taupe sequin skirt | arden b. (also seen on gina in mint heresimilar, similar)
d’orsay flats | shoemint (similar here and heresplurge version in trendy snakeprint here)
threadbare thin rings | etsy

Last week, you saw me in a wheelchair from a sprained ankle. After countless hours of web-MD’ing, I’ve learned the following facts about a sprained ankle. (1) The first 48-72 hours are crucial in terms of quick recovery. (2) R-I-C-E also known as Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. (3) Stay off your ankle. (4) No alcohol.

Well, 2 weeks later, I’m still on crutches because what did I do 48-72 hours after spraining it? (1) Went to Encore Beach Club to dance (2) Drank Champagne (3) Drank Blood Orange Mojitos (thanks to Spago) (3) Went Shopping at the H&M Mecca (4) Borrowed a Wheelchair for 1 hour so I could gamble (5) Went Dancing. While I did ice my ankle at some parts of the trip, it definitely was not what was required. In conclusion: Successful trip in Vegas? Yes. Successfully healed ankle? No.

Call it irony or literary justice because once upon a time, I would get the mail wearing crazy platform shoes that I was sure would cause a sprained ankle. Six month’s later, here I am getting mail in crutches because…well… I sprained my ankle.