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alice wears:
print drop-waist dress | cotton on (for $10 – other colors available!) (similar here)
flip flops | rainbows
statement necklace | banana republic
tortoise sunnies | rayban foldable wayfarers

Dining out! What – are you surprised to find out we eat fancy here in Suburbia? It ain’t no thang. We like to treat ourselves once in a while. Sure, we kind of love Doritos Locos Tacos, but special occasions call for more than just Taco Bell. And you’ll be as surprised as I was to hear that some people still haven’t tasted this goodness. So here’s our public service announcement: get on it because your taste buds will have never been happier. And, let me give you a piece of advice on eating in these nice restaurants – the chips do not come free. So make sure you put in that order of chips, and don’t forget the guac. Never forget the guac.

Oh yea, in case you couldn’t tell from the photos above, I’m still on crutches. I’m officially sick-and-tired of wearing flip flops. (ie. the only shoe my bandage/ankle brace will fit in). I swear after this foot heals, I never want to see another flip flop again.
Still not sure why am I on crutches? Have you not been reading our blog? Come on people. Get with it!

Disclaimer: This site is not sponsored by Chipotle. But if Chipotle wants to throw some free burrito bowls our way, we won’t complain!