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christine wears:
peasant dress | madewell
peep toe pumps | charles david
rings | hello miss apple knot knuckle ring, hello miss apple crystal infinity ring, madewell cat ring
belt | madewell
red bib necklace | f21 (similar floral bouquet version or beaded version)
leopard maxi skirt | foreign exchange (similar here and here)

When you are perusing the racks hunting for deals, the top you simply can’t leave the store without doesn’t always fit magically.  Chances are, it is either too small or big.  Ugh, why can’t it fit juuust right?  (I feel you now, Goldilocks.  I feel you.)  Instead, I have to resort to being my own fairy godmother, wave my magic wand (a.k.a. needle and thread) and do a few nip and tucks from time to time.  Now if I had actually learned how to use the sewing machine I got many Christmases ago, I  could probably do something more impressive than sew on a button, patch a hole, or pin a hemline on a skirt (hmmm do I smell a future borderline fab post?).  Until then, my rough sewing jobs will have to do…or until the day my alterations fall apart in public and I am standing before a crowd of people in my underwear.  Umm yeah, I better get started on figuring out that sewing machine…