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christine wears:
silk midi skirt | madewell (similar in red and white)
chevron top | mimi chica from nordstroms (similar here and here)                    

necklace | f21 (similar here)

heels | zara

Do you think babies are cute and can’t wait to have one of your own?  Well, THINK AGAIN.  There’s no better reality check of what it’s like to raise a completely dependent human being other than to babysit your nephew for an entire day.  Blogosphere, meet my baby nephew.  Sure, he looks all innocent and doe eyed, but he is one fast moving, mischievous monkey.  Here are a few things he taught me:

1.  Making silly faces and delicious food sounds do not really make the baby want to eat the food more.  You just look/sound stupid.

2.  Put the bib on the baby before feeding.  Unless you intentionally want your baby to have multiple outfit changes throughout the day.

3.  Do not put sharp hard metal objects on the floor, within crawling reach of the baby (i.e. dogs’ choke collars).

4.  If you can, don’t wear heels.  (I, of course, cannot not wear heels.  Obvi.)  Sorry child, you are just going to have to crawl ahead of me.  Go on now.  I’ll catch up.

Can I go back to playing Auntie Christine now?  I’ve had enough with this responsibility.