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Last week, I was flown out by my company to Charlotte, North Carolina. See my previous post for a glimpse via ig! I arrived late on Sunday which left me no choice but to order room service. Champagne – Check. After my Monday morning meeting, I had to review my notes before I allowed myself to have any fun. As you can see, it went pretty well…Charlotte2Charlotte3Charlotte5Charlotte7 Charlotte6

alice wears:
floral jeans | f21 (similar here & here)
black sheer peplum top | f21 (similar here, here & here)
chambray shirt | f21 (similar here & here)
gold boyfriend watch | michael kors
black strappy heels | zara (similar here & here)
black bow flats | me too (similar here & here)

Well the motto: work hard (nap a little); play hard seemed to fit in this situation, so shortly after waking up from my nap being hard at work, I was off to see Charlottte in all it’s glory.Charlotte12Charlotte11Charlotte10
First Stop – Soul Food at Merts. There’s really nothing like southern hospitality, and I love that everyone calls me sweetie pie. I’d probably slap that Santa Monica creep calling me darlin’, but in the South, it’s all gravy honey buns. As for the food – I don’t want to spill any trade secrets, but I’m pretty sure the main ingredient in everything is BUTTER. To hell with my diet. I’ll walk it off on the Liberty Walk. (Or at least I’ll take a picture of me attempting to do the liberty walk)Charlotte9Charlotte8
After my attempt to the liberty walk (that is – walking around one block and getting lost), I headed to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. What you don’t see in this picture is that I took off my ankle brace and attempted a Selfie Jumping photo. It hurt like hell, and I landed on my face. This pose was to remind myself of what a dumb-ass I was just being. Don’t try that home kids.
CharlotteBechtlerMuseumPortraitThe Bechtler Museum of Modern Art featured a Warhol’s family portrait of the Bechtler family. I’m in the process of commissioning a series for myself. Any takers?
As you can see, the museum was completely empty. In fact, it was so empty, they should have paid me to enter. But it’s all good because my imagination made up all these stories about ghosts and monsters lurking around in the exhibit following me. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Overall, a good trip (though nothing like Gina’s Thailand trip – so stay tuned next week!)

…48 hours later, back in California.