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no no – not for me! i’ve got too many places to see and lots more shoes to buy before that ever happens  😛

my friend, Sonia, just had her baby shower – and (spoiler alert) it’s a BOY!!! which means lots of trains, dinosaurs, and shades of blue.  i don’t have a lot of friends with kids and haven’t been to many of these – so i turned to google (obviously) to find out what to wear, what to gift, and what games to expect.  here are some random highlights of my google search:

  1. the baby shower must have a theme (isn’t a baby shower a theme in and of itself? so you need a theme on top of theme?)
  2. if you don’t know (or remember) the gender of the baby, stick to green gifts/clothes
  3. the cake is the main centerpiece (that should be a rule for ALL get togethers)
  4. wear something comfortable for socializing (or for overeating)
  5. prepare to be asked about your plans to have kids (insert awkward silence)

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not sure what’s going on with my glass eye over here: L1050841L1050833L1050829 L1050844

gina wears:
white pleated dress | urban outfitters similar here and with sleeves here
black strappy suede heels | zara
arrow necklace | stella & dot

congrats again, S&S! can’t wait to meet the little one 🙂