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alice wears:
tiered embroidered maxi dress | isabel lu via gilt
chloe initial necklace | gorjana (similar)
bracelets | kurt keiger, etsy and jewelmint
clutch | BR

“How many pairs of shoes do you need in one car”? asked a co-worker this week. Apparently he was shocked that I use my car as a closet? Why the shock? If you’re not going to build me a walk-in closet (ala sex and the city) then where else am I supposed to keep my shoes? Amiright women?! How else will I be ready when I’m whisked away to a surprise picnic or to a unlimited champagne bar / shopping soiree? (A girl can dream right? Send me invites people! I’m ready – I have a car full of outfits/shoes to prove it!)

Still, my co-worker’s shock was semi-warranted. My car is looking pretty dirty hence it’s that time of year again. My car deserves much more, and probably a waxing too, but unlike Christine – my hands are very prone to pruny-ness. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

PS. I was inspired to wear a maxi for this week’s What She Wears Link Up via Shabbyloveschic! Check out her & the others’ uber cute maxis!