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Stars, they are just like us!  I forgot my baseball cap so I was easily identified by the paparazzi.IMG_6911IMG_6916

Public Service Announcement: please return your shopping carts to the designated cart return area.  Yes, that means YOU little lady.IMG_6927IMG_6928

christine wears:

maxi skirt | target
lace crochet top | minkpink
woven sidebody purse | american eagle
heels | zara
sunglasses | ray ban sunnies
trapezoid link necklace | madewell

I’m much more of a Target person than Walmart. I guess when you are a multinational corporation intent on world domination, you can’t help but feel a little bit wary. However, when I found out a Walmart opened in my neighborhood, I was curious and decided to pay the supergiant a visit and stock up on some BBQ supplies while I’m at it (i.e. beer). Now we all know interesting people shop at Walmart, but do we know Walmart has more full-time employees than the population of Iceland? Or that Walmart parking lots alone take up roughly the size of Tampa, Florida?  (see more Walmart facts that will blow your mind here)  To say that Walmart is big, is an understatement.  I mean did you see my picture of the liquor aisle???  It is quite an overwhelming experience.  At least I found some delicious Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale.  But to be honest, I’m probably going to stick with Target for most of my random shopping needs because let’s face it, Target clothes are far more superior. Walmart, once you do a fashion collaboration with Marc Jacobs, then maybe I’ll reconsider.