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Irvine Pawspitbull kissesPucker for PitbullsKissing PitbullsChristine and Pitbull

My name is self explanatory: TankSleeping Tutu

A cute family with a young daughter adopted this adorable german shepherd mix that day:Puppy1Puppy and Shoes 1

She’s definitely the most borderline fab pup here:Tutu

Wah I wanna take her home with me!Alice and GoldenGolden Begging

The only furry friend I could take home that day…photo-3Feet christine wears: f21 high lo dress (similar here and in geo print) | jeffrey campbell everly boots | rubbish military shirt jacket via nordstrom | vintage dooney & bourke bucket bag
alice wears: lush top via nordstroms (similar in geometric print here) | hm skirt (similar tribal print here) | banana republic cardigan | hm sandals (similar here)

A few weeks ago was the 7th Annual Super Pet Adoption at the Irvine Animal Care Center.  We first thought, what a GREAT idea for a post with cute dogs and puppies!  Wait.  No.  NO.  Bad idea.  This would be the most depressing post EVER.  Go to a pet adoption and leave empty handed?!?  Wah!  Neither of us could care for a pet right now with our crazy schedules and heels (although gina has shown us, it can be done).  It’s like walking into Sprinkles and not getting a cupcake.  TORTURE.  Nevertheless, we reluctantly left our checkbooks at home and went off to support our furry friends.  That day, there were over 800 adoptable animals, including dogs, puppies, cats, birds and rabbits!  But in our book, the dogs stole the show (especially the pit bulls and goldens).

Now if you are serious about getting a pet, we strongly support adopting one  (more info here).   There were hundreds of pets that day that needed loving homes.  Luckily, 269 animals found homes that day!  Just not in our homes.   Sigh.  <insert sad pouty face>  But don’t fret, we already marked our calendars for the next big pet adoption event on Sunday, December 8, 2013!  I already know what I’m gonna ask Santa for Christmas this year…