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alice wears:
polka dot romper | zara (also similar in sheer & printed)
nude mid-heel sandals | zara (similar here, here, in wedge, splurge)
rings | etsy knuckle rings, f21 cutout rings, f21 gem ring
coral flower necklace | banana republic factory (similar)
insecticide | loew’s

I am deathly afraid of bugs. Not all bugs, just the ones that…crawl, fly, sting, shoot venom, lay eggs, and especially those that have six to eight legs, exoskeletons, tentacles, pinchers, and/or antennas. Some might say I have an irrational fear as it has interfered with my personal life. (Sorry to all those friends I’ve called at 4AM to come kill bugs for me). But I know my fear is definitely justified because bugs are attracted me. In fact, they love me. Actually, they’re obsessed with me. I’m not even sure what it really is, so I can only assume it is because I am really really really really good looking.

Because of these critters’ stalkish behaviour, I take preventative action everywhere. Off spray and citronella candles. And, I need to get one of these Asian zapping fly swatters ASAP. Well, it turns out my boyf’s new place has a lot of construction in the area and I can feel the bugs stirring! Ugh! So I had to immediately spray down the place. In return for a quick solution, I chose stuff off the shelf at the local hardware store. This meant foregoing on researching and buying the ‘good’ stuff (and maybe also the fact that it’s illegal).  But if I so much as see an antenna, I will have to invest in some type of fumigation atom bomb. Creepy crawlers, beware.