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It’s a tutorial! Sort of. Okay, so I’m not really a person who should be teaching you to curl your hair seeing as I don’t spend much time/money on my own. Nevertheless,  after a lifetime of hating my pin straight hair and burning many-a-finger-and-necks, I finally feel like I’ve mastered a good beachy-wave curl. So, after receiving some requests for tutorials on curling hair, I thought I’d post a simple tutorial in lieu of an awkward video.


  • For my length and thickness, I use a 3/4 inch barrel. I usually just use a cheap ceramic finish one from Target (Conair has treated me well for the last 10 years).
  • I never use the clip in the barrel. (Save that for a different type of curl). Use only the rod.
  • Start at the top of your head/hair (as opposed to wrapping from the bottom).
  • Gather 1-inch sections. (Less hair for tighter waves, more hair for looser waves.)
  • Wrap hair away from your face around the curling rod to the tip.
  • I start from the ears into the middle of my head, always remembering to wrap your hair around the rod staring in a direction AWAY from your face.
  • Leave the ends loose for a messier look.
  • Hold hair until you can feel all the hair heated through. 

alice wears:
sheer cut out top | urban outfitters (similar)
lace bralette | sparkle & fade (via urban)
asymmetrical skort | zara (here) (similar here)
watch | michael kors
pave bracelets | target

Since my hair is is quite long and thick, the act of curling hair can take up to 30-45 minutes. I get bored about 5 minutes in. As skilled as my hair curling may seem, my multi-tasking skills is what has been truly mastered. I’m always multi-tasking nowadays because you can only truly spend time wisely if you are online shopping and watching horrible episodes of the Bachelorette) at the same time. Brushing teeth, applying eyeliner, checking email on my iphone are only a few of the many things I attempt to do while curling my hair (while watching bad reality TV shows). But don’t get overwhelmed – you should just focus on not burning your fingers. Baby steps guys.  

Oh. And if you follow us on instagram, you’ll see I impulsively chopped off my hair immediately after shooting this tutorial. I clearly have a problem with hair + impulse.  but #shorthairdon’tcare.