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I generally avoid celebrating my bday, but apparently when you turn “29”, it is some kind of milestone and your friends insist on celebrating it.  So my friends planned a little  dinner at Bestia LA to celebrate my early “29th”  birthday, because I’m actually running away to Canada to hide on my actual b-day – true story.  

I’ll take one of everything on the menu…

It was our first time dining at Bestia LA, and all the food was AMAZING.  So much delicious food, just order everything on the menu, like we did.20130704-104308.jpg

Forced to eat the last bite of my “29th” birthday dessert…

Got shot down when I tried to pitch in for the check…boo on birthdays.

Amazing meal with amazing friends! I’m a lucky gal ❤

On to the second part of birthdays that I do not enjoy…getting the birthday person drunk.  Look how excited I am: 

And finally, the only way “29th” birthdays can ever end…20130704-103358.jpg

christine wears:
pleather asymmetrical skirt | astr via nordstrom
white tank | zara
cardigan | madewell
heels | zara

Best “29th” birthday ever!  I can’t wait until the second anniversary of my “29th” birthday!  No wait, I can.