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If i had a nickel for every failed attempt at a DIY project, i would have retired years ago.  and yet, i continue to spend hefty amounts of change on all things crafty.  most normal people have a specific project in mind when they walk into a place like Michaels – they’ve got their lists of supplies, and well, an overall vision.  unlike them, i rarely have a goal in mind and get suckered into anything glittery, colorful, and random – hoping to one day create something beautiful out of all my findings.  that day has yet to come. oh and don’t even get me started on stickers…

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gina wears:
back buttoned chiffon top | f21 but similar here
studded heels | f21 but similar here
striped shorts | bp, but similar here and sequined shorts here
lace bandeau | american eagle
gold necklace | baublebar

some of my failed/pending projects:
1. wedding scrapbook (i’ve been married for over a year and the book isn’t even 1/10 complete)
2. colorize my vases for all the flowers i don’t ever receive (as seen here)
3. make my own coasters  (as seen on my friend Natalie’s diy blog here)
4. jewelry making (i’ve failed to create anything that is actually wearable)
5. apothecary jar for a fancier bathroom (as seen here)

at least i have a very colorful storage closet? 😛