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Believe it our not, we enjoy the outdoors.  I mean, most of the shopping malls in SoCal are outdoors, so naturally we would find a liking to Mother Nature as well.  We took full advantage when we escaped to Vancouver for the 4th of July weekend.  And where would you go to be outdoors and act like the biggest child in the coolest treehouse ever?  The Capilano Suspension Bridge, of course! Capilano 1

Early borderline fab settlers, undoubtedly trailblazers in fashion:Capilano 2

We hung out with the locals…Capilano 3

Got inked up with new tattoos (Alice got a banana slug and Christine got a bear!)Capilano 4

Apparently the bridge is much safer now that it was before.  What was it before?  A tightrope?  Well whatever it was, this bridge can definitely withstand a lot of weight.  Two 747 boeing planes to be exact (only fact I remember from reading the signs).Capilano 9

Christine: Look Ma, no hands!  No, I’m not scared or have fear of heights…well maybe a little…Capilano 6_MG_7389Capilano 7

Tree pose in a tree.  Om._MG_7432 Capilano 8Cliff Walk 2 Cliff Walk1

Being in Canada turned us into tree huggers:Tree huggers

Our outdoor adventures continued when we visited English Bay to catch the sunset at 10 O’CLOCK!  With that much daylight, think about all that extra playtime one could have had while growing up!  Talk about awesome summers.  English Bay 2English Bay Canadian Flag

The Inukshuk is an Innuit symbol believed to be used as a navigation marker or indication that someone has been here.  Vancouver uses this as a symbol of friendship and welcoming the world.  Oh those Canadians, they are such friendly folk! Inukshuk English Bay

christine wears | topshop waxed denim jeans + brandy melville polaroid tank + old navy chambray shirt + DV dolce vita sandals
alice wears | zara tuxedo striped olive pants + h&m strapped sandals + rubbish by nordstroms chambray tank + banana republic wrap cardigan

When I first visited Vancouver, I thought to myself, what a great place to live! There is something for everyone here.  Food, urban living, nature, mountains, water everywhere I turn. No seriously, I felt like I was constantly crossing a body of water, river, or bridge…am I on an island??  I got the tip from my Canadian friend to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Be forewarned, it is not for the faint of heart.  A walk across this swaying bridge can make you weak in the knees, especially if you are peering over the edge at the riverbed 230 feet below.  A little bit pricey to enter ($28.95 if you are a student, yes still rocking the student ID), but you can easily spend a solid afternoon here. Added bonus, all the walking and treetop exploring worked up an appetite and boy, did we eat on this trip.  Stay tuned for our next post featuring Vancouver eats!