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You might say eating 20 places within a 4-day vacation is ambitious,
crazy, or maybe even impossible. So how did we do?

Day 0.5
Hopped straight off the plane to Bin 941 Tapas Parlour. [pictured] mussels classic french style, seared scallops with wood ear. [not pictured] duck breast with warm goat cheese potato salad, skirt steak con frites with balsamic reduction, navajo fry bread w/ goat cheese house dried tomato salsa, & mushroom risotto.

Headed to Guu Otokomae in Gas Town to grab drinks but we proceeded to order more food. (read: no self control). [pictured] Okonomiyaki & Maguro w/5 Flavor Sauce. [not pictured] almond tofu dessert, which was great, and the Young Caesar cocktail (not to be confused its delicious counterpart the Bloody Caesar). The Young Caesar consists of clamato + grenadine + pepsi, annnnd it tastes just like it sounds – disgusting.

Day 1
We started our day with our host’s mum‘s Homemade Beef Noodle Soup. Is there a better way to wake up than to the smell of hot simmering beef? (And no, I’m not talking about Ryan Gosling). She also pickles her own mustard greens and made us garlic potatoes for our hike. When can I move in, eh?

After lunch, our hunt for caffeine led us to Forty Ninth Parallel Roasters where we picked up a Lucky’s Maple Bacon Doughnut. Oh, and I guess some coffee too.

How we later spent over 4 hours at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (see yesterday’s post) is beyond me, but we walked exercised a lot. (Read: an excuse to eat more). Needing a snack we went to Phnom Penh, famous for it’s Chicken Wings and Butter Beef [pictured below]. We were tricked by the restaurant into ordering two take-out boxes because they claimed only 7 wings came in a box. There were 14 wings per box! Though, honestly, they didn’t have to twist our arm, we still ate both boxes (all 28 wings) whilst standing outside of the restaurant taunting people waiting in line for a table. #borderlinefab at its finest.

After stuffing our faces with wings and beef, we headed to dinner (?!) at Zakkushi Izakaya. Delicious skewers and Japanese small plates ensued, as did our big(ger) bellies.

We decided to finally call it a night (from eating) by having dessert. (Dessert doesn’t count as a meal). Christine thought she escaped all birthday celebrations by running away to Canada, so we told Thierry to hook us up with a candle. Sucker! ❤

Day 2
We started off our day with Afghan food at East is East [not pictured]. While delicious, the Roti Rolls filled with eggplant, lamb, chicken and a blend of spices are highly unphotogenic. Still, it’s a must try. We followed up with Thomas Haas Patisserie for dessert because, well, there’s always room for dessert.

Christine’s bubble thought: “miiiine, all miiine”.
…but really it was all MINE. Get your hands off, Christine!
[pictured] champagne macarons, double baked almond croissant, and a forgettable chocolate raspberry cake.. [not pictured] the best ever london fog lattes. Regretfully we didn’t have time to race over to Swiss Bakery for their version of a cronut – the frissant. Leave us a comment if you’ve had it!

Obviously, we were no longer hungry, so we headed to Steveston Fishing Village… to buy 3 Sea Urchins for $10. Wait, what? Hunger strike, fail. Opening the sea urchin on the dock to eat was difficult as we had no plates, water, or knives. A fisherman helped us out and we literally. ate. uni. off. of. a. dock.

Pajo’s fish & chips and A&W’s onion rings [both pictured below] were a natural follow-up to the uni. Why? Because, we’re gluttons. Also because our host claims A&W’s onion rings ARE THE BEST EVER. (An accurate statement. We went back the next day too).


Needing to walk off all of Day 2’s meals, we went to the Richmond Night Market. (626 Night Market, you have a lot to live up to. Just give up now). We tried to shop and listen to live music, but really, we just wanted to eat. Now we’re just being stupid. Stupidly full. Fools.
[pictured] hurricane potato, oyster thin noodle, grilled squid, hot silky tofu dessert with black rice, lamb halal skewers, pork bun, and stinky tofu. So stupid.

Day 3
Knowing we were feasting our entire trip, we begrudgingly had agreed to go on a 6.8km hike with some Vancouverites at Stawamus Chief in Squamish. That’s approximately 4.5 miles for all you Amurricans. (Yes, I’m rounding up). Here’s me carbo loading: 

Fast forward through our treacherous hike to the post-hike meal: Chinese food at Ho Yuen Kee for their famous Lobster and Sticky Rice. Worth. Every. Calorie. 20130710-225955.jpg

And, finally… there’s no other way to finish off a trip to Vancouver without Cheesecake Etc. Could you PUT any more whip cream on there? 

Our fourth/last day snuck up on us and a lot of food destinations on our list didn’t make the cut. However, you can’t fly out of Vancouver without Tim Horton’s! Literally, because it’s the best option at 11AM lest you want to eat Burger King or Chow Mein.

Thanks for increasing my pant size Canada. It’s been real.

christine wears | urban outfitter floral dress  (similar and more options here) + boutique oatmeal cardigan (splurge here) + DV by Dolce Vita T-Bar sandals
alice wears | f21 striped boxy shirt (similar here or here) + zara bird shorts + h&m strappy sandals
recap | bin 941 tapas | guu izakaya | homemade beef noodle soup | butter baked goods peanut and oreo cookie sandwiches [not pictured] | lucky’s doughnuts | forty ninth parallel coffee | phnom penh wings and butter beef | zakkushi izakaya | thierry dessert | east is east afghan | thomas haas patisserie | fresh uni at steveston docks | pajo’s fish & chips | a&w onion rings | richmond night market foods | patisserie lebleau liege waffles | ho yuen kee lobster rice | leisure cafe shaved ice [not pictured] cheesecake etc | tim hortons coffe and donuts.

twenty places? four days ?