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Since all we did was gorge ourselves for the first 3 days, we got tricked agreed to go on a hike in Squamish called the Stawamus Chief. But really, it should be called bust my ass because that’s exactly what it did. Maybe not so impressive from the parking lot, but looks are deceiving:The Chief Squamish 1

Look how happy Alice looks before we start hiking…Hiking 2

And our moods quickly turned when we had to climb these stairs made for giants:Hiking 3

Christine: ha ha, there aren’t any more stairs, right?  Hiking 4 Hiking 5

Just kidding.  There are more stairs. Make. It. Stop. Ass. Burning. Hiking 6

More trees in trees: Hiking 7

Standing close to the edge, peering 702 meters below (that’s 2303 feet, Amurricans)Hiking The Chief 2

We made it to the top and look at the awesome view! Viva Canadia!The Stawamus Chief Peak 2

Young (relatively), wild, and free!Stawamus Chief Peak 2 - Girls

Borat says, hi-five on a job well done!  VERY NICE.Success - Stawamus Chief Peak 2

alice wears | lululemon no limits tank & wunder under crop + asics gel kayano 19
christine wears | lululemon practice freely tank & wunder under crop + new balances

The final chapter of our Vancouver adventures involved some much needed ass kicking, considering that we ingested about FIVE THOUSAND calories the day before. We considered hiking up the infamous Grouse Grind, 2.9 km trail up a mountain (a.k.a. mother nature’s stairclimber) but for some reason, we got duped convinced into taking this longer “leisurely” hike. Little did we know, it was like the Grouse Grind x2 at a distance of 6.8 km to the top. However, the best part of the hike was the last maybe 0.25 km or so (look at me, using the metric system!) which was mostly scrambling over boulders, climbing ladders, and navigating cliff edges. SO MUCH FUN. Granted there was a little bit of a traffic jam coming up to the top because spaces were so narrow only one person could fit at a time, it was TOTALLY worth it for the spectacular view. Pictures don’t do it justice.20130711-232211.jpg

Oh Vancouver, you left our bellies full, our quads burning, and our pants tighter…yet still we yearn for more. Now the massive detox begins…hello green leafy vegetables, long time no see!

See you next time Canada!