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Epoxy Fixing Shoes Mis en Place DIY Shoe Fixing Exoxy H&M Red Necklace Detail Shoe Glue Mixing Bing Bang Rings DIY Shoe Fixing Exoxy H&M Red Necklace DIY Shoe Fixing Epoxy DIY Shoe Fixing DIY Shoe Fixing Bing Bang NYC Rings 3B6A7470 ASTR Asymmetrical Hem Skirt ASTR Asymmetrical Hem Skirt Outfit

alice wears:
asymmetrcial faux leather skirt | ASTR via Nordstrom Savvy
studded shoulder grey tee | f21 (similar herehere and here)
red spike necklace | h&m (in black)
espadrille shoes | from korea (lust)
baguette, marquis, and square top rings | bing bang nyc + etsy

When Gina went to Thailand&Korea she scored some really amazing espadrilles (seen here), which are perfect for summer weather. She bought me a similar pair which I’m wearing above. The first day I wore them, they broke. [insert sad face]. The seam between the sole and espadrilles ripped apart. Determined to not let these be a sunk cost and, yet another, forgotten pair of cheap shoes in my trunk, I decided to take matters into my own hands and fix them. I asked a couple guy friends (first mistake) for how to fix them, and they sent me in the direction of epoxy glue.

I then failed to read the packaging (second mistake) to use the glue. Following the instructions, I mixed the two different glues together on a disposable clean surface. I then used chopstick to spread the glue where the seam had split. No clamp in sight (third mistake), I held the two parts with the glue spread between for a couple of minutes…then gave up. It was clear the glue wasn’t adhering. The bf then proceeded to read the packaging which mentioned epoxy glue’s plethora of uses – none of which included ‘shoes’ or ‘fabric’. Fail.

Later that day, Gina took them home and used “Shoe Glue.” It worked. You rock Gina.