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All right people, summer is upon us. Time to fill your glasses with this delicious concoction. See recipe below:IMG_6963 sangriaIMG_6954 sangria IMG_6968 sangriaIMG_7021 sangriaIMG_6983 sangria

Poppin’ champagne, my favorite (scariest) part…IMG_6988

Glug, glug, glug…:)IMG_6993 sangria 1IMG_7015 sangria 2

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Now, if you are gonna give me an alcoholic beverage, it has to fulfill 2 main criteria: 1) fruity and 2) delicious. Extra bonus points if it is bubbly. So basically, it has to taste like fizzy juice. Which is why I LOVE this new super easy recipe for Sparkling Peach Sangria that meets ALL of the above.

Easy Sparkling Peach Sangria

– 2 to 3 peaches (can be white or yellow or you can use nectarines if you don’t like peach fuzz)
– 1 bottle of Moscato (we like Amusant Bubbly Moscato from Trader Joe’s because it combines the fizz with the moscato, but you could also separately use any moscato and add peach flavoured seltzer water like Seagrams)
– 1 bottle of white Lambrusco (we like Lambrusco Dell’Emilia Bianco from Trader Joe’s)
– 1 bottle of Pelligrino
– Optional: 3/4 cup brandy or peach schnapps (I didn’t have any so I just used Moscato and Lambrusco and it tasted delicious but I’m sure the brandy will kick it up a notch)
– Optional: sliced strawberries or raspberries or any fruit you fancy

Add sliced fruit to empty large pitcher. Pour in moscato. Stir with wooden spoon to mix. Chill overnight and let the fruit absorb all the delicious moscato. The next day, add Pelligrino and Lambrusco to the chilled moscato to bring back the fizz that might have gone flat overnight. Serve in glasses and garnish with freshly cut peaches or raspberries (fancy!). Voila! Summer in a glass. Cheers!