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A little history: the first time I ever went to Comic-Con, I was 15 years old. Seven years, a minor hiccup involving a lost wallet (later to be found at the restaurant where we dined the night before), and silent prayers to the Comic-Con gods to let me in sans photo-ID, I crawled back. (Oh, and don’t bother trying to to the math. I’ll confirm here that I’m 22 – ish).

Comic-Con is so different than I remembered it to be all those years ago. Especially since I was dragged by two boy cousins and a brother, an experience that led to a lot of this. This time, I was dragging around my bf. It’s bigger, more crowded, and less focused on comics, but I am not one to complain about the overexposure of movies, TV, lego booths, cospoay, swag on swag on swag, and celebrities galore. I love it all…Jackman, Cavill, Hemsworth… I love you…all…I mean… yea.
And to make it feel as if we’re still relevant in the fashion blogosphere: here’s some of Superman’s costumes throughout the last 75 years. Happy 75th Year Anniversary Kent.

…And now on to the cool stuff.
legos on legos on legos.

Celebrities galore (many not pictured):
Top to Bottom: Evangeline Lilly (LOST), Miyuki Okumura (Creator of Sanrio character Cinnamoroll), Cast of HIMYM, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, and star of my absolute favorite video clip EVER), and Rampage Jackson (MMA)

Gina Carano (MMA)

Tim Daly (Private Practice & Voice of Animated Superman) and Jim Lee (DC Comics)

It is utterly amazing at how detailed some people’s costumes were. And equally amazing how disturbing some people’s costumes were:

Nevertheless, they committed to it. Oh boy did they commit. And there’s something slightly respectable about that. Not very respectable. But, a tiny bit. Very tiny.

alice wears:
avengers muscle tank | f21 (as a sweater, or in iron man)
sequin scalloped hem skirt | arden b (also seen here, similar here and here)
rings | f21, etsy, and jenniekwon
crystal statement necklace | banana republic
suede loafer moccasin flats | merona via target (similar)
oatmeal cardigan with zips | zara
wrap chain link bracelet | nordstroms
rose gold boyfriend watch | fossil

As someone who didn’t actually dress up in costume, I got an alarmingly high amount of comments on my skirt. What did I learn? There is never NOT a good time to wear bling. But we already knew that on this blog, no?

Would it have been possible to see even more celebrities? Yes. Did I stand in line for 4 hours to see Celebrities in really awesome panels? Unfortunately, No. There’s just no way to do all of the things you want to do at Comic-Con in one day. We only purchased a one-day pass this year, but next year, I’m going to commit the whole weekend. Dare I say 4 days? Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth, I’m coming for you. You can’t run away this time. Mostly because the restraining order will have expired by then. ❤