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Today’s order: almond milk tea with boba & honey green tea with apple jelly3B6A7328

Look at this happy camper – I got two teas, hey hey hey HEY!3B6A7333

Now poking straws into these plastic sealed cups is an art, not science…but sometimes miscalculations can occur resulting in injuries, such as tea shooting into eyeball (yeah, that actually happened. we can’t make this stuff up):20130722-010021.jpg3B6A7361

I seem to be drinking a lot on this blog…I’m a thirsty gal. WHAT.3B6A7359

christine wears:
open shoulder top | zara (similar in striped and long sleeved)
front tie shorts | f21 (similar here)
striped lace bralette | sparkle & fade via urban outfitters (in black here)
trapezoid link necklace | madewell
rings and pave bracelets | madewell & target
straw tote | thailand (similar here)
heels | boutique 9

When you live in southern California, boba tea places are a dime a dozen. Especially in the O.C., there seems to be one in every strip mall (and there are a LOT of strip malls).  In fact, boba tea has become so abundant, that I can boldly say its consumption is pretty much a staple of the Asian American existence.  We socialize, we sip, and we chew.  There is even a music video about boba and it’s pretty catchy (“we livin’ the bobalife, yeah”).

Since there isn’t much in terms of bars to get cocktails in the sleepy suburbs, tea is usually the way to go.  Which means, if you wanna get a drink in the burbs, this means some variety of flavored tea, amiright?  Unfortunately, this logic does not apply anywhere else. One time, I mistakenly met up my friend in LA for a “drink.” In my mind, drinks at 8 p.m. on a weekday meant some kind of sweetened tea with my choice of colorful toppings (apple jelly, litchi jelly, boba, or pudding, how will I choose?).  Of course she took me to a dark bar to get a drink containing ALCOHOL where I stupidly said out loud, this is a weird place to sell boba tea. <insert laughter. at me.> Oh well, I guess you can take a girl out of the suburbs, but not the suburbs outta the girl :P.