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Sorry for the stock post – we all went to the JAYZ/JT Concert last night.
We’re still recovering.
Enjoy this never-published post from earlier this summer! Long Hair Don’t Care!

alice wears:
teal summer dress | f21 (similar here and here)
mid-heel block heels | zara (similar in green)
rings | f21 (jeweled), etsy (chevron knuckle and pinky)
white leather cross body bag | vintage bally c/o mom

As a child, I, too, learned to “Reduce Reuse Recycle” but honestly – growing up in the South, I don’t think it was emphasized. At all. I think I really only recycled paper, since we didn’t really drink water bottles or soda at home. On the other hand, the boyf who has some Canadian influence, is pretty much what you’d call a recycling nazi.

In public, if there are three different bins (Waste, Recycle, and Compost), he is the one judging you if you put your trash in the wrong one. Whereas, I’m the one holding up the line because I cannot figure out if this damned napkin is: recycle-able (it’s paper?), compost-able (it’s paper?) or waste-able (my grummy hands and mouth used it?). Sigh. One thing I have been able to finally figure out is recycling bottles. Even glass bottles and aluminum cans! All thanks to the RECYCLE FOR MONEY program. The machine has very strict instructions, and you can only put certain shapes of bottles in. See? Even a dummy can do it!

How much did I get for saving 342 bottles? Four dollars & some – CASH MONEY! Captain Planet, he’s my hero!