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So there are couple of things that I thought would get me ready for New Orleans. The fact that I’m from Texas (so I’m used to the heat and humidity) and the fact that I go to a heated yoga class about four times a week. Wrong. New Orleans. Was. Out. Of. Control. Hot. And. Humid. No matter, lots of sweat was not going to change how much fun the weekend was going to be. (Though it changed my wardrobe from half-clothed, to under-clothed, but what’s new?)

With that, there were a couple of things that I thought would get me ready for a Bachelorette Party in New Orleans. The fact that, I venture to Vegas occasionally, and, well that’s all. While Bourbon Street did have lights, music, and alcohol – let’s be real – it’s a dirtier smaller rowdier version of Vegas. But, it was awesome. So now to what you came for – snapshots of the weekend.

[Disclaimer]: Yes, some pics are blurry. What’d you expect? Happy Vicariously Bacheloretting!

[pictured] comped room, comped drinks, and receiving $7 because a member of a Bachelor Party was dared to talk to us. shrugs. Cash Money!
20130807-085246.jpg20130807-195153.jpg20130807-085226.jpg20130807-085432.jpg20130807-085456.jpg20130807-085233.jpg[pictured] Cochon | fried alligator with chili garlic mayo | mac & cheese | rabbit & dumplings [not pictured] louisiana cochon with turnips, cabbage, pickled peaches & cracklins | fried oysters | boudin with pickled peppers.

20130807-092458.jpg20130807-085423.jpg20130807-085446.jpg20130807-085519.jpg20130807-085352.jpg20130807-085401.jpg20130807-092449.jpg20130807-085332.jpg20130807-200742.jpg20130807-085357.jpg20130807-085740.jpgbourbon street, and all it’s glory. such. dirty. glory.

20130807-085242.jpg20130807-085543.jpg20130807-085535.jpg20130807-085347.jpgpowdered sugar and more sugar. [also known as cafe du monde beignets]

20130807-085250.jpg20130807-085254.jpg20130807-085316.jpg20130807-092830.jpg[bonus] shots from yesterday’s swamp tour post!!

20130807-085417.jpg20130807-090039.jpg20130807-085412.jpg20130807-085717.jpg[pictured] Dinner at the lengendary Commander’s Palace


alice wears [night one]:
strappy back floral tank | nordstrom’s rack
bodycon blue skirt | bcbg (similar in orange)
clear ankle strap sandals | h&m

alice wears [night two]:
sparkle applique dress | boutique
nude patent heels | zara trf (similar)
mask | party city
‘a’ initial necklace | gorjana

Eight – adventurous eaters – debauchery seekers – dance all nighters. Who says a long distance relationship can’t work? Miss you all (coast-to-coast and some in-between), and see ya’ll in October. xoxo.