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Do you remember before when I said I would eventually learn how to use my sewing machine so I can fix my clothes?  Yeah, this post isn’t about that.  Instead, I’ve gotta bridesmaid dress that needs major fixin’ so I’m gonna leave this one to the professionals:3B6A8060


One of the better looking bridemaid dresses I’ve seen, I dare say… 🙂3B6A8077

Yeah, totally misjudged my size on this dress just a little… 3B6A8082

Hmm now let’s see, how can I make this dress look more like clubbin’ attire?  😉3B6A80863B6A8089

christine wears:
metallic geo mini skirt | f21
coral blouse | sparkle and fade via uo
faux leather necklace | wet seal
heels | boutique 9
bridesmaid dress | bill levkoff style 789

Hey, hey it’s wedding season and that means one thing: Christine is getting drunk at the singles table…wait, what???  Well maybe not at this next wedding because I’m actually someone really important.  I’m a BRIDESMAID!  Which means, Christine is on her best behavior (sorta).  It also means, I better look the part and make sure my dress fits!  Except it doesn’t.  Silly me for NOT taking my measurements and guessing my size.  Instead, when I put on the dress I ordered, I looked like a Weight Watchers before-and-after weight-loss ad (Jennifer Hudson, you got competition).  Fortunately, there are alteration specialists to the rescue!  Nothing but a few nips and tucks and cutting the dress 6 inches shorter (fine fine, 3 inches) and voila – I’m a grade A bridesmaid.  Wellllll we will have to wait and see…I pick up my dress next Saturday 😉  Let the summer wedding season continue!