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Hmm this book tells me nothing about how to get skinny while reading…3B6A8103

There are some pretty racy titles in the Romance section!3B6A8112

This Bad Boys in Kilts is a nail-biter!3B6A8113-13B6A81363B6A8134-13B6A8127-1

christine wears:
aztec double slit maxi dress | silence and noise via uo (similar here)
ankle strap heels | zara (similar here)
triangle link necklace | f21
crossbody purse | vintage dooney & bourke
red e-reader envelope | lodis (similar here)

I used to be a pretty voracious reader.  Any of my old friends would know, I would usually carry a book in my purse because you never know when you need to pass the time (this was during the pre-iPhone phone days).  Then law school happened which pretty much ruined books for me and I kinda stopped reading altogether.  So sad.  But last year, I got an e-reader (kindle to be exact) and I LOVE IT.  Mainly because it’s an excuse to accessorize and buy a new case to put my kindle in (which doubles as a clutch!  BONUS).  However, while my kindle is cute and convenient, I still love the bookstore.  I love browsing the titles, the shiny covers, the smell of the pages.  Although bookstores are slowly becoming an endangered species, I hope that they live forever so I can browse through the selections and never have to buy anything.  So please please everyone else, spend more money and buy books from the bookstore, not Amazon, okay? 😉

Now that I’m back on the reading boat, I need new books to read!  Fiction, non-fiction, picture books – all recommendations are welcomed!  Except maybe no more books like 50 Shades of Grey.  That was just awkward to read on the airplane.  Happy reading everyone!