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If you haven’t heard of the Playground in downtown Santa Ana, then you’ve been living under a rock.  With an ever changing menu (we’re talking faster than I can buy a new pair of shoes) that gets printed daily, part of the fun is never knowing what you are gonna get.

(Im)patiently waiting for our food…(the hardest part of eating)L1130793


[pictured]: Blumenthal potatoes with spicy chimichurri and sour creamL1130795

[pictured]: ???? ???? Velvet sunrise, pine nut crumiel, lime zest, black pepper (yes the question marks are actually the name of the dish.  let’s just say it tastes like rainbows and rhymes with “squaw bra”…)L1130796

[pictured]: some kind of trout over roasted corn with green sauce (they weren’t kidding when they said menus printed daily.  can’t even look up the name of this dish on their online menu so you are just stuck with my super accurate description)L1130806

[pictured]: 48 hour short ribs.  I don’t remember exactly everything that was in it, but what I do remember is that they gave us a steak knife that we did not use because I could have ripped this meat apart with a toothpick.L1130803

[not pictured]: black mission fig sticky toffee pudding (aka: the BEST dessert ever).  sorry we ate it faster than a camera could take a picture so you are just gonna hafta use your imagination.  It is one of their more regular dessert menu items, so do yourself a favor and order it.


All smiles after another satisfying meal at the Playground:L1130818

alice wears: asymmetrical skirt | sparkle and fade via UO (similar here, in dress version here, ombre splurge here); denim jacket | a&f kids (circa 2004); striped bralette | f21 (similar in black here); tank | brandy melville (similar here); sandals | h&m

christine wears: crochet sleeved blouse | mm couture via nordstrom rack (similar here); shorts | old navy (similar here); wrap necklace | meg nyc; nude wedges | nine west

Now before you blindly heed our advice to go dine at the Playground (which you should because we are always right), here are a few tips/notes to keep in mind before going:

    • Take the wording on the menu very seriously – just like we are end all, be all of all things borderline fab, the Playground is the same way with their food.  So that means, NO MODIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER.  Just shut up and eat your food.
    • Order menu items with “?” or vague, unusual, illogical sounding names.  I know this may run afoul with most of your menu ordering practices, but trust us on this one.  You will always be pleasantly surprised with deliciousness such as things that rhyme with “squaw bra”…
    • There are no wine corkage fees (shocking) but don’t forget to try some beer from their phenomenal craft beer list.
    • Be food-centric.  They worship food over hospitality.  Considering I know nothing about food, I will gladly leave it to the experts to tell me what they think is the best way something is served/prepared/cooked, etc.  Even if you think you do know a thing or two about food, they don’t wanna hear it.  I like to think of it as respecting the chef as an artist – enjoy the experience (or not), form your opinions, don’t mess with the art, and carry on your merry way.

Keeping the above policies in mind, you are now ready for the Playground.  As their menu aptly states, “welcome to the resistance”.  Bon appetit!