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alice wears:
crocheted top | h&m (similar in short sleeve, in cropped tank)
maroon bralette | sparkle & fade via UO (in black)
floral mini skirt (previously seen here) | f21 (in rosette print here)
wrap chain link bracelet | nordstroms
white and nude ankle strap heels | zara
flamingo headband | urban outfitters (similar)

It’s been fun playing house and buying furniture, but when it comes to the dirty work – it don’t come easy. Having the backyard landscaped and designed took well over 4-5 months, with one landscaper that went completely MIA on us. I swear it wasn’t because of any outrageous requests. (“I’d like a waterfall, koi pond, bird cage, library, small patch to raise a pygmy goat, and pink flamingos on the lawn. Hello? Hello?”). Fortunately, when we found another contractor to do the work, and they got to work immediately. Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands – laying concrete bricks, shoveling dirt.

Well, not really my hands. I just threw around a little dirt here and there.