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christine wears:
floral top | astr via nordstrom
white mini skort | zara
wooden platform sandal | madewell
straw purse | Thailand
turquoise ring | f21

We recently tried stand up paddleboard yoga (future post alert!) and not trusting our ability to keep our digital cameras and cell phones dry, we decided to purchase a waterproof disposable camera to document our spills into the ocean.  Wait, disposable camera?  Haven’t used one of these since maybe junior high.  I had a brief Zoolander moment (“The files are *in* the computer? <monkey sounds>”).  I kept wanting to view the pictures as soon as I took them, forgetting that I was using an ancient piece of technology that magically kept images on film.  Instead, I had to take the camera and find a place to get the film developed and patiently wait 1 hour for the results.  PREPOSTEROUS.  So this is what I tried to do.  Little did I know that almost NO ONE develops film cameras anymore.  We went to two places and were turned away, basically being told that newer stores will not carry the machines to develop film these days.  We finally got lucky at our third try and discovered good ol’ trusty Costco could still develop film (but only at one location).  HUZZAH!  Some people DO still do things the old way.  Stay tuned for the photo results next week!