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alice wears:
robot print dress | zara (if you love robots)
red necklace | j.crew (DIY nail polish painted red!)
hello kitty bag | EVA Air Planes
nude patent wedges | Banana Republic
sunnies | UO
mens tailored slim work pants | BR 

Unlike many bloggers, but very like many of my friends (don’t lie!), I don’t dry clean. In fact, the “Dry Clean Only” flag can sometimes, albeit rarely, make me re-think the purchase. Thought process: “How horrible will this item become if I attempt to (a) never wash it (b) wash it with my hands?” Usually, the answer is “it won’t be that bad!” and the purchase will conclude. Nevertheless, I have some items (and some of my boyf’s items) that absolutely need to be dry cleaned once a year some span of time that is acceptable to reasonable people.

That being said, there are three main reasons why I dry clean (and volunteer to drop off the boyf’s dry cleaning). (1) I get to keep whatever I find in the pockets (2) There are just some food stains that I can’t get out with Tide (3) Mr. Best’s is affordable and close to my office. Winner. 

Thanks Mr. Best’s for not ripping my wallet a new one! See you next year, errrr….month (or a similarly acceptable non-disgusting span of time between wearing work pants and washing them).

This is not a sponsored post. Obvs.