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christine wears:
one piece swim suit | maillot-V swimsuit from American Apparel
high waisted blue linen shorts | sparkle and fade via urban outfitters (similar here)
wooden platform heels | madewell (similar here)
hat | REI (borrowed from Mom)
silver triangle drop earrings | f21
straw tote | thailand (similar here)

Summer has officially come to an end…but NOT IN CALIFORNIA!  Woot!  It’s summer year-around and that’s how I like it.  Seasons?  Pfffft.  Seasons don’t build character.  SUNSHINE does!  Oddly enough, living in SoCal does not translate to endless pool and beach days as one might think.  Blame it on my mother, but her years of nagging gentle reminders to stay out of the sun, apply sunscreen, and wear hats have finally caught up to me.  (See my previous post here to see what I’ve become when it comes to sun worshiping.)  Since it has been warming up lately (88º this Saturday!), it was nice to enjoy the sun a little poolside.  And by enjoy, I mean wearing sunglasses, a big floppy hat, camped under an umbrella.  I think I will invest in one of these bad boys next: article-2189877-14947492000005DC-468_634x448

Introducing the face-kini!  The latest fashion trend from the beaches of China.  You can purchase your very own on Etsy – which you know means the face-kini is hipster approved.  Can’t wait to sport mine next time at the pool.  My mom would be so proud.  Try to get me now, UV rays!